10 Must Have Photo Apps

10 Must Have Photo Apps

10 Must Have Photo Apps

Everyone can edit and be like a pro with the existence of a wide varieties of great apps! Especially when Instagram (IG) have becoming part of our life besides Facebook (FB).

Today YenJie is going to introduce to all my readers my most-used 10 powerful and useful photo apps that can turn your dummie self into a very professional photo editor. Apart from being very skillful, apps is really important to portray the message we want to send out to the audience as well. Hence, with these photo apps, we can better express ourselves to the public. Can you imagine that we can even easily turn a disastrous photo (gloomy weather background) into a sunny cheerful day? Let’s explore the 10 awesome apps together!


This apps have been around for years and it is not uncommon among all. But yet, I still want to include in the lists because I love this app and have been using it quite regularly. They have all the cute frames and filters for you to use, and not forgetting the beauty filter in it that can instantly brighten up your face and even put on make up for you.

What I love the most is, with the features above you can also create a short video clip with it, section by section. You can also include musics, filters and many more.

2. Unfold


This app have been popular among instagrammers and most used / seen on IG stories. They have many nice frames where you can segment your photos, or compile them into 1 photo. I love to use this app for my IG stories; sometimes IG posts. Some of the frames are not free though, you have to pay RM3.90 for a series of frames that will be yours forever. RM3.90 is still a steal!


3. 1998 Cam


This app was once introduced by a friend of mine and I’m in love ever since. Why? Because they have a wide array of filters, dusts, lightleaks and etc to choose from. My most used filters seen from my Vietnam trip is F1 😀 I love this app so much! But I don’t recommend to use this app on food photos as it will make the food look dull and less tasty. I tried applying all filters on my food photos but it just don’t work. Even the simplest photo can look retro or pimped.

4. Ulike


Ulike app is like the greatest invention ever. The most perfect beauty app that you can find among all. I have been also using this to beautify myself of course with the help of its in app filters. This app is originally popular in China. Apart of the beautify part, there’s another geng features, which is to a posing outline for dummies to imitate. You may refer to my photos for more understanding on this part. I am very impressed with the features of this app. If let’s say you run out of idea to pose, this app can help and assist you in giving your best posing shots without looking all weird.

5. kirakira+


Probably this app have already been a history but I still keep them in my phone (cus you know, I have a big memory space to store all these; HAHA) This is especially useful to be used to capture magical moments. Who doesn’t like blings blings!?

6. Quickshot

Okay, this is a MUST-HAVE app because who doesn’t want a sunny and lovely weather photos? This app can turn your gloomy sky into a beautiful cloudy sky or even can get it magical with its sunset settings. Don’t wait, download that app now, and play around with the photos that you think has the gloomy sky or cloudless sky. This app is gonna save your photo! Trust me!!! Or even add sparks to your photos.

7. Mojo

I actually discovered this app not long ago from a follower on IG. This is probably the most useful app for business owners that have no knowledge in gif / video editing. This app have multiple mode that’s suitable to promote your shop items, or even for your own usage for fun. Unfortunately this app have in-app purchases. RM79.90 per year for the pro version where you get to use unlimited frames, styles and etc! It is worth it if you think you gonna use it for a long time. Not available for Android phone users though, I’m sorry T_T

8. Nichi

This app is basically frames that are made ready for you or you can build from scratch where they are made ready graphics for you to choose. They have very very pretty and up to date styles that suits the mood of the current on-going fashions. Same like Mojo, they do have in-app purchases, they cost $9.99 yearly which is quite affordable. As for avid instagrammers, you have to download this app, for the pleasure of your followers on IG, and to make your stories extra interesting!

9. Jane

Sounds like a cute name here. Not only cute app name, but they also have many nice and cute templates as well. You’ll get addicted to edit even more into the cute templates. If you want to remove watermarks, you have to pay for a fee as well. Also business friendly app!

10. Huji

I’m also a frequent user of this app. The thing I love about this is they give you a vintage effect and every pictures taken are surprises. Every snaps gives your different effects. And also I find it useful for dark condtion / night photos.

That’s all from my sharing on 10 awesome apps! 🙂

Signing Off,

@IreneSin xx