12 Zodiac Lucky Colors For Your Fortune / Career / Love Throughout The Year 2021 🐮

12 Zodiac Lucky Colors For Your Fortune / Career / Love Throughout The Year 2021 🐮

12 Zodiac Lucky Colors For Your Fortune / Career / Love Throughout The Year 2021 🐮

The New Year of 2021 has arrived, and what everyone looks forward to next is the upcoming "Chinese New Year". I believe that every year, everyone will pay attention to whether their zodiac is offending Tai Sui and what is the lucky color that can enhance their fortune? Today, I’m here to sort out the list of lucky colors belonging to your Chinese zodiac. Let’s take a look!


01 | Zodiac Rat

Lucky colors: gold, gray, white, silver

In 2021, your fortune for the zodiac rat is optimistic. You can increase your fortune by wearing more costumes of your lucky color series or accessories that you wear with.

Photo Source: Abby Earrings / Naomi Necklace / Sierra Hair Clip

02 | Zodiac Ox

Lucky colors: yellow, purple, green, red, white

2021 is the natal year of the ox, that is, the year of Tai Sui. You must be more careful, and you can wear more purple, green or yellow clothing and accessories to increase your luck. It is said that wearing more red dresses during the New Year will increase your luck!

Photo Source: Daphne Dress / Kyle Dress / Stella Dress

03 | Zodiac Tiger

Lucky colors: turquoise, blue, black, gray

For those who belong to the tiger, the fortune will be relatively stable in 2021. Almost every year, green/cyan is the fixed lucky color of the tiger. You can also wear yellow, blue, and gray to bring prosperity and enhance your aura!

Photo Source: Carly Pants / Jen Mom Jeans

04 | Zodiac Rabbit

Lucky colors: black, green, blue, gray, beige 

In 2021, your fortune in the rabbit is considered to be stable; you can appropriately match green + purple to enhance your aura! Keep a peaceful heart in your life. A peaceful heart can help your career go smoothly. 

Photo Source: Cheer Me Up Set / Kimberly Dress

05 | Zodiac Dragon 

Lucky colors: yellow, white, purple, pink, red, orange, brown

In the middle of 2021, you who belong to the dragon can be said to have committed a broken Tai Sui. Whether it is fortune, wealth, career, etc., you will encounter troubles. You can wear more bright-colored clothing or accessories to improve your luck. Pay more attention to your own safety and try to avoid bad luck as much as possible.  

Photo Source: Roxie Blazer (Brown / Light Pink / Orange)

06 | Zodiac Snake 

Lucky colors: orange, turquoise, beige, pink, purple

In the Year of the Ox in 2021, everything will be smooth and stable for you as a snake, and you will not encounter too many problems. You can use and wear the above-mentioned lucky color series of snakes in your daily life to prosper wealth and career.

Photo Source: Nikkie Top / Erin Top

07 | Zodiac Horse 

Lucky colors: red, purple, turquoise, white, yellow, orange 

The above are the lucky colors for horses. You can wear red (prosperous career), yellow (prosperous wealth), and purple (prosperous feelings). However, you who belong to the horse are guilty of "harming Tai Sui" in the Year of the Ox, and you are prone to encounter villains, wealth and bad luck. You must be especially careful in everything, and you will inevitably encounter problems in your career and life.

Photo Source: Paula Floral Top // Aurola Flora Skirt

08 | Zodiac Sheep 

Lucky colors: red, tan, yellow, orange 

In the year of the ox in 2021, red is very suitable for the lucky color of the sheep, because the year of the ox is also a "Chong Tai Sui", so the fortune will be ups and downs. You can wear red or yellowish clothing and accessories. Increase luck, enhance personal aura and confidence.

Photo Source: U Back Tee / Embry Top

09 | Zodiac Monkey 

Lucky colors: gold, white, silver, red 

The monkeys will have a relatively flat and stable life in 2021. You can wear more gold and white clothes to make your personal temperament look younger and more energetic, and help you improve your love and career.  

 Photo Source: Trinny Dress / Shaine Dress

10 | Zodiac Chicken 

Lucky colors: yellow, white, gold, red, purple 

As a chicken, you have good fortune, and you can show off your talents in 2021! In daily life, you can wear gold and white as your daily dress. If you want a more prominent color, you can choose rose gold, bright pink and purple, which can highlight your extraordinary temperament.

Photo Source: Rachel Skort / Emma Eyelet Skort

11 | Zodiac Dog 

Lucky colors: bright yellow, tan, pink, red, purple 

In the Year of the Ox in 2021, those who belong to the dog are guilty of "Tai Sui", which means that they will encounter some penalties. It is recommended that you must abide by the law when seeking wealth or work to avoid getting into lawsuits. If you belong to a dog, you can wear more red and purple to enhance your aura, and yellow and tan to prosper fortune, so that you can go smoother in your career and life.  

Photo Source: Gilian Floral Dress / Tiffany Maxi Dress

12 | Zodiac Pig 

Lucky colors: black, gray, blue, green 

Pigs have a stable overall fortune in the Year of the Ox, so they will be more relaxed in life. You can wear more lucky colors to enhance your feelings, career and wealth!

Photo Source: Tessa Top / Sandra Blouse / Five Seasons Blouse

The above is the list of lucky colors for the 12 zodiac signs. I wish everyone safety and health in 2021. The most important thing is that the epidemic disappears quickly, so that everyone can return to their previous lives freely! ❤  


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