15 Coca-Cola Secrets You Never Knew 🤫

15 Coca-Cola Secrets You Never Knew 🤫

15 Coca-Cola Secrets You Never Knew 🤫

Since the implementation of the Malaysian Action Control Order, everyone has been staying at home for more than a month. And in these few weeks, I’ve collected several surprising facts of Coca-Cola for you, which will definitely make you interested with it too! Now, let’s see how Coca-Cola be a unique, good helper for each and everyone of us at home!

1) Coke chicken wings - The main ingredients are a can of Coke, 8 chicken wings, ginger silk, cooking wine/Huadiao wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and salt.

First, wash the chicken wings cleanly, draw a few knives on the front & back of the chicken wings, and add to the pot with cold water. Second, pour the ginger into the pot, boil it for 5 minutes, and then drain it.

Third, preheat the pan, add a little oil, add the chicken wings, and then add 2 spoons of soy sauce, 1 spoon of oyster sauce, half a spoon of salt. [Note: Remember to fry the chicken wings until brown] Fourth, pour a can of Coke over the surface of chicken wings, and then cover the pot. [Note: Simmer over medium heat for 15-20 minutes]

Finally, turn on the fire to extract the juice, until the chicken wings are thick and complete as a dish.

 [The above picture is taken from Chen Qiyue, blogger of RED]

2) Barbecue sauce - Just mix Coke and tomato sauce in a ratio of 1:1, and it can be turned into a barbecue sauce for your home BBQ usage.

3) Clear dirt - The kettle will turn a little yellow after being used for a long time, and it won't change back to its original color even after cleaning. You can pour Coke into the kettle and put it for a day, so that the inside of the kettle can be cleaned well.

4) Clean paste: Sometimes when we cook/stew the meat, we'll accidentally burn the pot black. Just pour Coke into the pot and boil it, then you can easily see the burn mushy substance gone immediately.

5) Rusty bolts - It's difficult to twist the bolts when they are rusted. You can soak the Coke with a piece of cloth and wrap the bolts, then you can easily unscrew the screws after a few hours. The chemical composition in Coke has the function of decomposing rust.

6) Clean stove - The stove that has been cooked for a long time must have some oil stains & sauces, and it looks dirty. You can pour some Coke on the stove, then wipe the Coke clean with a damp cloth. It is recommended that the wet cloth being wiped once and then wiped again to avoid the ants from any sugar residual. The citric acid in Coke is really good for treating dirt on the stove.

7) Clean toilet - The toilet will start to have stains after a long time, unless it's being cleaned every day, otherwise it will be very dirty. To remove the dirt, there are two methods; (a) Pour the Coke in the toilet, and then just wash and rinse it after an hour. (b) Soak the paper towel in the Coke and attach it to the toilet seat/the area that needs to be cleaned, then rinse after a while. Coke has an acidic component, so it can remove dirt from the toilet.

8) Hair color - Sometimes after dyeing our hair, we find that the color is a little too heavy. Actually, we can use Coke to wash our hair, so that we can make the hair color becomes lighter.

9) Clothes stains - Sometimes our clothes are inevitably stained with some sauce, ink, and even blood stains. Well, you can pour Coke on the stained place and then wash it again to easily remove the grease stains on clothes & fabrics.

10) Clean garage - There will always some oil stains left by the car. You can soak these oil stains with Coke and wash them after a while, which saves a lot of your time and effort.

11) Promote lawn - This is really amazing! The yellowish lawn makes people look unhealthy, and Coke is one of the elements that can help the lawn becomes dense and green. Coke increases acidity & sugar, and feeds microorganisms, so adding a little Coke can actually make plants grow stronger.

12) Clean tiles - Whether it's toilet/kitchen tiles, there will always be some dirt hidden in it after a long time. You can pour some Coke on the tiles at this time and wait for a while to wipe them clean.

13) Remove chewing gum - It's very annoying that the chewing gum sticks to your hair or clothing or even the sole of the shoe. You can prepare a bowl of Coke and soak the part with the gum for a few minutes.

14) Remove odors - After going to the stall/frying fish in the kitchen, these odors will be on your clothes. Even after washing, there will still be odors. To remove these odors, add Coke when you wash your clothes, so that the odor can be removed.

15) Carpet stains - Those who have a carpet at home will know that it's not easy to maintain the carpet, especially if drinks/sauces stick to the carpet, it's even more difficult to handle. You can scrub with Coke, then use soapy water to clean and then just rinse with the water will do.

Unexpectedly, Coca-Cola has so many uses, especially in cleaning the home! So, my dear beloved readers, start making full use of Coca-Cola now instead of just drinking it! Thanks for reading! ❤


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