How To Dress For Your Body Type

How To Dress For Your Body Type

How To Dress For Your Body Type

Well, most of us might have experienced closet frustration -Things don’t fit or flatter the way we want them to. As a result, we end up feeling horrible about ourselves, our image, and at times feel like just giving up. For most part, when we look into the mirror and something looks good, we can generally see and know it. HOWEVER, when something doesn’t work out, we often just know that we don’t like how it looks, but at the same time, we might don’t know what to-do to avoid that problem.


Understanding Your Shape to Get the Best Dress

When it comes to dress shopping, it's important to recognize your shape so that you can shop for the styles that will most flatter your figure. If you're not sure of your body shape, go through the various traits and see what defines each to help you find the best fitting dress.



Determining Your Shape

Triangle shapes are the most common woman's body shape. You tend to carry most of your weight around your hips, bum and thighs. But it also means that you probably have a beyond- beautiful clavicle and flat stomach.

- Hourglasses tend to have size-able breasts and hips, and a relatively narrow waist. An incredibly sexy natural shape!

Inverted triangles  are characterized by their broad shoulders and or bigger boobs, and proportionately narrow waist and hips. 

- Oval are usually well proportioned, but tend to carry their weight around their mid section, without a well defined waist. But chances are that you have a pretty fabulous set of legs and/ or boobs.

Rectangle body shapes are quite straight up and down, without a particularly narrow waist or wide hips (though bigger boobs are also common with rectangle shapes!)


Now that you've identified your body shape, let's have a look at how this'll affect your dress choice. 



  • Empire waistlines, A- line dresses and flowy, unstructured bodices.  The A-line is cinched at the smallest part of your waist and the skirt gently flares out to create an 'A' shape, while the empire is recognized by its high waist and slimmer skirt. Both have a fitted top and high waistline, which shifts the attention up and away from your midsection. This is also achieved by having a strapless or v-neckline with lace or ruching on the bodice.
  • Best to avoid: short, boxy jackets and full skirts



  • Balance your bottom with bright or embellished tops, and pair this with a plain bottom. Additionally, the A-line dress works well as it has a structured top and a natural waist, which shows off your petite top half, while the flared skirt cleverly hides your bottom section. The ball gown is another option as it similarly draws the attention to your slimmer top half, while the full skirt covers your lower half. The classic strapless, scoop, halter and v-neckline work well with this body shape.
  • Best to avoid: anything particularly tight fitting pants, shorts or skirts. This includes fishtail, pencil, mermaid and trumpet cut skirts.



  • Luckily for you, most cuts suit your body shape, but a mermaid, trumpet or sheath style will best show off your curves. The mermaid silhouette has a fitted top and a flared skirt, which flows out at the knees, the trumpet is a bit more understated with a flare that begins mid-thigh, while the sheath follows the contours of your body. All three dresses accentuate your small waist and hourglass figure. The best neckline is one-shoulder, scoop or strapless.
  • Best to avoid: baggy tops or jumpers- they'll hide that beautiful waist of yours!


Inverted triangle:

  • Dresses that have a flared waist and hem, such as A- line, empire and ball gowns, as they add volume to narrow waists. Lower necklines is a 'U' or 'V' shape will also help slim your upper half, and balance out your body beautifully. Wearing a belt, and adding embellishments to the bottom half of your dress will force the eye downwards and further encourage a sense of balance. 
  • Best to avoid: Shoulder pads, puff sleeves, epaulets, halter tops, and tapering pants. 



  • This boyish body needs some help in the waist department, so a ball gown, A-line or empire dress with a fitted corset, a cinched waist and a full skirt are best. A pretty colored sash tied around the waist can also do the trick. You’ll want to create curves where you don’t have any, so look at a mermaid or trumpet dress, as they both have a flared skirt which provides the hourglass illusion. The neckline to suit you is strapless, scoop or boat.
  • Best to avoid: Any dresses, pants, or skirts that sit particularly low on your waist/ hips- this'll just make you look as though you've got a long torso! If you're self conscious of your figure, avoid sheath dresses they'll emphasize your figure. If you love your long and lean silhouette, however, we say go for it!


Embrace Your Shape

No matter what shape your body takes, embracing it is the first step to dressing it well. Show Your Style by knowing which clothing works best for your shape, you can show off your personal style and fashions you love -- you'll just do it in a way that provides balance and polish. Every woman's shape is beautiful, and the right pieces can help transform her overall look into one that makes her truly shine. Clothes that fit and flatter can help you have confidence, no matter what your shape is.