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Tired of hectic lifestyle? Bustling city? Stress from life?

Perhaps Bali will be the right place for you to have a break from all of the above.

So, here I am to share you some good places that personally think is worth for you to pay a visit in Bali.

Before I start, I just want to let you know that Bali is a place that is very well known for their congested traffic.

If you’re looking for a rather chill and relax trip, you might want to consider to pay extra for the driver service throughout your trip just like I did. Driver service fee depends on the places that you want to visit, as for my case, full day service to 4-5 places approximately 450-500k rupiah.

Nusa Penida Island

Once you get to Broken Beach, you’ll be rewarded by a truly sweeping seascape 😍
(Don’t forget to bring you hat or sunglass, cause you might not able to open your eyes for photos.)

This is the famous T-Rex head photo point.
Magnificent view i ever seen in my whole life. I’m speechless. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL… FULL HD VIEW!

From the pic, below is Kelingking beach, from here you may see there’s a rocky stairway down to the beach.

I would say its not the easiest hike but it is fdefinitely worth it.

Personally strongly recommended to all readers to visit this place at least once in you life with no regrets.😎


Getting there to Nusa Penida Island :

You can take a fast boat from Sanur Port to this Island, which takes around 30 minutes.

It’s located on south west side of Nusa Penida and can be accessed by motorbike or car.

From there you might need to travel along bumpy road approximately one & a half hour car journey to reach the west destination.

Getting there to Kelingking beach :

The one and only way is by foot, approximately 2 hours both ways journey.
Fee :
All included, 800k rupiah per pax.

Tegallalang Rice Terrace

As I know there are a few places for swing, but my driver took me to this place called Tegallalang Rice Terrace whereby he said there is lesser tourist, lesser time for queuing.

As for the swing, there are 3 options to choose for the level of swing.

If you’re an adventurous person and not afraid of heights you may go for the extreme swing which is the highest one, or just basic swing / couple swing.
Overall it was a good experience for me because the view itself is like WOAOW mother nature~, but as for the swing tbh I don’t really enjoy the process mainly is because I felt a bit scared.

I’m just no other than chicken little that afraid of heights lol 🤣

Getting there:

15-20 minutes outside of Ubud, and can be reached by either car or motorbike.

Fee :
Entrance fee is 20k per pax.
Swing is depends on your option to choose,
basic swing is 150k rupiah per pax,
extreme swing is 250k rupiah per pax,
couple swing is 300k per couple.

Ubud Art Market


Along the way from the rice terrace, you may hang around this area for some gelato and souvenir shopping.

This area feels so much lively and it does give people a hipster vibes.

It is definitely the right place to explore for young people like me.

Getting here :

Approximately 20-25 minutes from rice terrace.

Fee :
No entrance fee.
Tips :
If you’re here to purchase something,
remember to call your final price as low as you can, like reaaaaally low.
Example : A ring that you eye on selling at 150k rupiah, you might wanna act like you’re broke af and negotiate with the seller in malay ( it feels more friendly like satu bangsa lol logic k ) by saying that you only pay for 30k rupiah for that, boleh ke tak?

No doubt, she will say no! like duh? Gila ker?
then act some more, walk away.. softly saying how about 40k? boleh? if still no respond try last price 45k.

Usually it works. she will ask you to come back and have your deal at 45k 🙂
Their same supply is more than demand, thats why if theres a chance of dealing, they won’t let you go.

对不起 钱难找.

Beach Club

Rock Bar @ Ayana Hotel.

Getting there :

By car, from airport to here around 25 minutes.

Spending :

only bintang beer, RM80+ including tax.

Potato Head Bali Beach Club @ Seminyak.

Getting here :


Spending :

Min spending 200k rupiah per pax (included tax) for free seating.

Nice seating with beach bed at different pricing around 1mil rupiah, worth sharing for 2 pair of couples.

I’m lucky enough to find a free seating place next to it! lol. ATAS GILER! (over the moon)

There’s one kiasu angmo dying to share my spot with me. I looked at him & said no thank you.

He replied thanks thats so kind of you. Lol kiasu. You’re welcome. (rolled eyes, *why must I?*)

Tips :

Every beach club peak hour is at 4pm-7pm,

so, if you wanna grab a good spot to watch the sunset you might want to consider reaching there early.

That’s all from me, thank you for reading,
Hope its helpful for you.
x, till next time.