How To Look Stylish, Casual & Formal With Roxie Blazers! 🧥

How To Look Stylish, Casual & Formal With Roxie Blazers! 🧥

How To Look Stylish, Casual & Formal With Roxie Blazers! 🧥

The influence of blazers on everyone has always been formal wear, mainly for formal occasions or work clothes. But in recent years, blazers have gradually become a fashion trend for everyone. Now, why is the blazer turned into a fashion must-have? The answer is that blazers are versatile; let’s see how many matching formulas can be matched with them!


1. Blazer X Pants

The first outfit is of course a pair of pants! In addition to looking formal, dignified and serious, the "upgrade" version of the blazers can also be worn with a sense of light fashion! Loose-fitting blazers are more casual to wear. With a pair of long jeans pants, the formal feel will be reduced by 80%. Wearing it for shopping and dating will not have a sense of contradiction.

Photo Source: Roxie Blazer (Peach / Pink / Purple / Yellow)

Photo Source: Senna Jeans Pants / Romy Jeans Pants

2. Blazer X Shorts

Well, shorts are one of the trends in the past few years. They match up with blazers wonderfully, and they are stylish enough to make one feel like a little boy. The shorts can cover the flesh of the thighs while the blazers can also cover the problems of buttocks and hips.

Photo Source: Roxie Blazer (Black) // Chloe Shorts (Black)

 3. Blazer X Denims

Girls who don’t know how to wear a blazer for the first time, start with a denim! It doesn't matter whether it is a single-color or plaid blazers with a denim. Denim shorts with our white or yellow Roxie Blazer will have a full retro handsome feel. Trust me, you can never go wrong with a denim shorts!

Photo Source: Roxie Blazer (White) // Bernice Shorts (White)


Photo Source: Roxie Blazer (Yellow) // Evis Jeans Shorts

 4. Blazer X Skirts

Have you never thought that a blazer can also be matched with a skirt? Don’t worry, as the conflict between the skirt and the blazer is surprisingly sexy! The blazer can neutralize the feeling of sweet dress, and the skirt with the blazer makes the tight skirt looming; with a pair of high heels, it is even more sexier!

Photo Source: Roxie Blazer (Blue / Cream) // The Best Skort In The World (White)

The nature, material, and style of blazers are diverse; and the combination will bring out different feelings due to these changes. So, my dear beloved readers, have you chosen the most suitable one according to your own personality and daily style? ❤  


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