Instagrammable Places in Vietnam with Yen姐

Instagrammable Places in Vietnam with Yen姐

Instagrammable Places in Vietnam with Yen姐

Vietnam have been becoming popular among travelers nowadays. We all love the sweet and sourly taste and all the yummy bakeries from Vietnam.

Recently, I’ve travelled to Vietnam for vacation and I believe many of you are interested with my itinerary. Air tickets were booked via Expedia because we arrive and depart from different location, therefore Expedia make it easy for us to make a round trip booking.

Our 7 days journey from north to south of Vietnam comprises Nha Trang – Dalat – MuiNe – Ho Chi Minh.


Overall Nha Trang is quite boring if you’re not here for seafood or diving/ island hoping. We spent 2 nights here and here’s some of the must-visit places.

Upon arriving Nha Trang – view from high up the skies.

Thap Ba Hot Spring

We get to soak in a beneficials minerals in mud. The fees are around 35k dong per person for private tub that can be shared between 2 person. Mode of transport – taxi or bike rental.

Po Nagar Towers

If you haven’t been to the ruins of Cambodia, you should visit this that’s almost similar, or somewhat representative of Cambodia’s ruin. This is a Hindu temple that is built and dedicated to Yan Po Nagar. Entrance fees aplies to every tourist attractions in Vietnam, but fret not, it’s just a few ringgit.

Vinpearl Land

If you have spare time, I think you can visit this, otherwise I think it is okay to skip this place. The entrance fees for this is considered quite expensive about RM160. You have to get a cable car / speed boat to reach Vinpearl Land. They are divided to 2 sections – wet land and amusement park. I suggest to go to the wet land instead because it looks more fun, we only went to amusement park which is not very impressive. The rides were okay, except the alpine roller coaster.

Da lat

It took us about 3 hours going through windy and hilly roads in a limousine van. There are many bus company in Nha Trang. We bought it in a random tour agency, the price should be about RM40-60 per trip depends on which type of bus you’re getting into. Advisable to buy 1 day before your travel day so that there’s tickets available.

The weather in Da lat is very unique, cooling all year long just like Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, but probably colder. Below are the fun & insta-worthy places that you cannot miss out.

Da lat Railway Station

Famous Banh Mi store – Coi Xay Gio, uber instagrammable with its bright and stand out yellow store.

Must try their cream puff.

Lang Hoa Cam Tu Cau
Hydrangea farm, must visit if you’re a flower lover like me. We reach here via bike
where we rented from our hostel.

And the never ending cafes that is so special and local.

Top to bottom: Still Cafe, Reply1997 Cafe, Co Bong Cafe

Hoa San Dien Trang
Every photo taken here is all photo spots that are set up and to capture together with the mother nature.

Kem Bo (Avocado Ice Cream) & Bun Ca (Tomato Soup Rice Noodle)
are both my fav food throughout the trip.

And I enjoyed my stay here – most asked location.

This is a very special experience with its glass windows, located outskirt of the city (but just 4-5km away)
It’s like living in the jungle, with no sound pollution, fresh air and lovely view of the city at night.

You may booked your stay with Nau Nau Garden, they have a very lovely dog above and a cat. The host is friendly as well, but please expect some mold smell and a little dirty because of the location.

Highlight of the trip! Alphine Roller Coaster! (Thac Dalanta)

I really enjoy this ride so much, if only we had more cash in hand, we could have done this 2-3 more rounds instead of only one. This ride brings you deep into the forest and end with a beautiful waterfall location, and you get to ride back to the station.

More photo spots – Sunny Farm ( I took mine next to Sunny Farm Cafe )

same conceptual photo spots, so you can go both cafes for photos.

And must-take photo spot in Cho Da Lat ( I think this is their market place, more youngster seen taking photos here due to its vintage backdrop!)

Next, we proceed to Mui Ne , it is about 5 hours journey by sleeping bus from Dalat. We spent 2 days here in 2 different hotels. The first one I forgot the name, cus not very nice haha. Second one was in Mia Mui Ne Resort, kinda pricey but I love the whole environment / concept and we got a FREE room upgrade which has an outdoor shower space (O-M-G!)

Good for honeymoon & relaxing time.

This is MuiNe in a nutshell, 4 places in just less than 4 hours.
Top left (clockwise): Fairy Stream, White Sand Dunes, Red Sand Dunes, Fishing Village.

You can get a tour package, private or group in jeep to visit these places.

We travel another 4-5 hours back to Ho Chi Minh city and we were there less than 24 hours before we left and fly back to Malaysia. This is my first time going to the Apartment Cafe, I was actually hoping for more. But it was just a building with many cafes in it. Just for the sake of 打卡 okay lah. HAHA.

Here I end my trip with a picture of Saigon city high up above the sky taken inside of my plane.

Hotels and air tickets are booked beforehand. We brought RM1,500 each person for food and transports. We still have quite a lot of money when we left Vietnam. Hence, I urge you ALL to go book that ticket now and travel from north to south. Vietnam is definitely pretty and fun to travel in. It was my 3rd visit, and I plan to do Danang – Hue – Hoi An soon 😀

Signing off,