The 5 Biggest Color Trends of Spring/Summer 2020 🛍️

The 5 Biggest Color Trends of Spring/Summer 2020 🛍️

The 5 Biggest Color Trends of Spring/Summer 2020 🛍️

Every year, the fashion circle publishes color trends. In addition to providing reference colors for big shows, it also gives ordinary people (like us) a direction to wear matching colors. Want to be truly outstanding? Hurry up and follow the 2020 "FIVE POPULAR COLORS" to ensure that you become the IG hot search queen now!

But first, let's take a look at this color chart! As we can see that, many colors are actually silently popular and then evolved before they become popular colors in 2020! As long as you choose the right color, your fashion will surely be always up! up! up!

The top five popular colors that you should start wearing now are:

The first popular color in 2020 is the ultra-fresh mint green. Pure colors always bring a refreshing breath. Neo-Mint's light tones have some gray element. The combination of technology and natural mint green, between formal and casual, paired with chiffon, linen and other materials - the overall refreshment directly rose to 2020 is not a problem!

A cantaloupe color that is softer and more orange than coral, has a childlike sense. Although it might not match with the Asian skin color, it somehow gives a cute and lively feeling in fashion. Let's look forward to what kind of cantaloupe outfits launched by us soon! For the cute girls out there, I'm sure you will end your single life this year with a sweet melon color!

The gray purple fuchsia also has a mature temperament for women. This quiet hue has a sense of European-style women, giving a mysterious and hard-to-close feeling. This year, you can definitely see Cassis from eyeliner to finger color. The choice of outfits, especially during winter, can show the noble temperament of a gentle little woman! If you're a cool girl with personality, then this color is definitely yours! Putting on a gray purple Martin boots or blazer will surely get you noble without losing your personality!

In recent years, yellow has gradually become a favorite color in the fashion industry. This year, mustard yellow and goose yellow are even more popular. The retro yellow that has begun this year is definitely a wild color that every major brand can see. It can be a lively and conspicuous retro yellow item in any season - from bags, shoes, clothes, and even to nail color and eye shadow. Since yellow has always matched the skin color of Asians, you girls just can't simply miss it! Just use that classic yellow to make your dress more retro and tasteful!

Representing calm blue, with a lively sense of approach-ability, people will often immediately think of the summer sun. Swimsuits and dresses are the most suitable  for leisurely pure blue - giving a sense of tranquility and peace. Well, I can predict that many blue tops and accessories will be produced this summer. If you like summer, then you must buy it!

So, my dear beloved readers, what color do you like to wear for this summer? ❤


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