Trending M.A.C Lip Color 2019

Trending M.A.C Lip Color 2019

Trending M.A.C Lip Color 2019

“DouSha” color lipsticks have been trending for years but unfortunately not everyone of us can carry this color on skin color, especially to the tan ladies out there, like myself. The upcoming trend will be the vampire lip color or also known as ” 中药色” which not only suits all skin color but also will brighten our complexion.

I’ve been a lipstick collector ever since I started the journey of make up. For me, lipstick is very important to our daily look, because the lip color will show the mood of your outfit and also tells more about how you feel on that day. I’m born with a little tan skin color, unlike my mom who is fairer than me. Hence, shades like nude won’t really look good on me.

Let’s discover with Irene the new set of trending vampire lip color from MAC. You gotta own at least ONE of these upcoming hottest lip color!

M.A.C #chili

If you’re a lipstick collector, this will not be an unfamiliar name for MAC famous must-have color. This is a brownish red color that suits almost all skin color, and it have been MAC no 1 best selling color in store every year.

M.A.C #dareyou

#Dareyou is a bloody red color that can make your skin looks fairer at least one shade lighter. It is undeniable that this shade will make you look more ladylike. This texture is sheen, more glossy feel.

MAC #retro

Fall in love in first sight, I own one of this color as well. The shade does not look too red, but there’s a hint of dusty rose in it. Satin finishing makes the lips moisture even after applying it.

MAC #marrakesh

Apart from Chili, Marrakesh have also becoming another upcoming trending color. I didn’t purchase this color because I have another similar ones from other brands. This color is more to brownish and orangy kind of red. Super pretty as well, suitable for all skin color and for daily use.

MAC #spiceitup

Actually almost all of these colors are very similar to each others. Next up we have Spice It Up, a lustre collection. A little gloss and shine in between the color.

MAC #FreshMoroccan

It has a little sparkling on its shade, making your lips shine a little and plump up the whole lips. A pretty red shade with sparkling glitters that will brighten your overall look. Suitable to wear to events and dinners.