Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Should Own in June 2020 🌼

Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Should Own in June 2020 🌼

Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Should Own in June 2020 🌼

Beauty is the instinct of every girl. Mix & match are very important for girls because the correct combination allows you to show your own personality and characteristics. Are you currently distressed by how to do it right? Well, today I will share some basic mix & match tips for girls, let you become a little fairy within zero seconds! The following combinations are indeed suitable for attending different occasions too!

1. Plain OR Light Top

Monochrome tops are essential in girls' wardrobes! Try to focus on plain or light colors, such as white, sky blue, and lavender. The light color makes people feel pure, fresh, and sunny; and it doesn't look too heavy when worn.

Photo Source: Your Everyday Basic Tee (White / Sky Blue / Purple)

The most important thing is that the light-colored tops are easier to match with the outerwear. For example, the light top with the white cardigan, the little fairy temperament immediately appeared!

Photo Source: Vacances T-Shirt (Yellow) & Honey Cardigan (White)

Light-colored clothes can really show the girly temperament - you can choose short-sleeved, long-sleeved or sweater. After all, long-sleeved tops and sweaters are suitable for shopping, watching movies, going abroad, etc. for comfort and warmth.

Photo Source: Kona Top (Purple / White / Blue)

2. Denim

During hot weather, Denim is essential. Denim does not seem to give a heavy feeling of black, but Denim can make you more girly! Denim can bring the feeling of sunshine and make you full of positive energy all the time! Denim is very suitable for wearing in the summer, and the climate in Malaysia is absolutely suitable. Every time you go out, you will surely become a full-bodied fairy! Denim is suitable for casual occasions, such as going shopping with girlfriends, drinking tea, traveling and so on.

Photo Source: Scotch Jeans Shorts

Photo Source: Junee High-Waisted Denim Shorts (Blue)

Photo Source: Romy Jeans Pants

 3. Little Dress

Little dress is definitely indispensable for girls’ wardrobe too! They can effectively reduce the troubles of mix & match since you no longer need to consider the color matching of the upper body and the lower body. This type of clothing is very suitable for wearing on a date. As compared to a general T-shirt top with pants, a little dress will make people think that you value dating! When dating a favorite person or boyfriend, try to choose a little dress, which will help you show your own femininity and make the other party more fascinated by you!

Photo Source: Minnie Lace Dress (White / Pink)

Photo Source: Melrose Maxi Floral Dress (Light Yellow / White)

 4. Shirt 

A shirt can be said to be a multi-functional wear item. White shirts are indispensable, and good-quality white shirts are suitable for work and wear during interviews.


Photo Source: Mira Babydoll Blouse (White / Cream)

Another kind of shirt is chiffon with light texture, which makes you look elegant and full of temperament. Shirts are not only suitable for formal occasions, but are also a must-have for little fairies!


Photo Source: Crochet Collar Blouse (White / Pink / Blue)

Generally, you can also use light-colored shirts with short skirts when shopping.

Photo Source: Arabelle Shirt

Some larger shirts can even be used as jackets. Girls, quickly buy a few suitable shirts for your wardrobe!

5. Wide-Leg Pants 

A suitable pair of wide-leg pants can make you taller and thinner, especially for the chubby girl. Simple tops with wide-leg pants increase the temperament immediately, making it easy to feel that you are a girl who knows how to mix & match. Wide-leg pants cannot be too long and must show ankles in order to be thinner. Avoid wearing long boots because this will cause counter-effects.  

Photo Source: Tapered Belted Pants (Brown / White / Pink / Navy)

Wide-leg pants can be casual or more formal; casual can be paired with small white shoes, generally suitable for travel or shopping; while more formal can be paired with high heels, generally black, suitable for interviews. On formal occasions, it will not be too rigid and steady too. The width of wide-leg pants must also be moderate as if too wide will make the whole person look very sloppy, affecting their overall temperament. 

So, my dear beloved readers, start wearing like this and I am sure your other partner will be more confident to go out with you! Every girl must learn to dress up and look at herself in the mirror confidently for a good day mood! ❤  


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